Forum OpenACS Q&A: Performance problems going from AOLserver 3.0 to 3.3*

As before I am upgrading an ACS 3.4-based system from
AOLserver 3.0+ad5 .  I have tested both 3.3+ad13 and
3.3oacs1 and while they both work, they are slow.  Our
front page typically loads in a second or so, but both the
later versions take 3-4 seconds.  Was performance really
allowed to degrade so dramatically, or are there some
tweaks I should be applying after the upgrade?

The databases, TCL code and .ini configurations are identical
for all versions (apart from different server names and server
home directories).

I don't recall 3.5.6 being so much slower, but I gave up on it
due to charset issues.  Maybe I should try 4.0-beta?

Thanks in advance,

Jeremy Henty

Posted by Jade Rubick on
I'd ask on the Aolserver list. I'm surprised it would be slower, though.
Very strange, you probably have something misconfigured. I've never heard of any performance problems with AOLserver 3.3+ad13 vs. earlier 3.x versions.