Forum OpenACS Development: FYI: Installer Improvement and file removals in acs-bootstrap-installer

I wanted to inform people of an improvement to the installer. I also would like to alert any developers who might be working on the acs-bootstrap-installer package that a number of files have been removed and their code moved into procs in the installer.tcl file.

What I've done is that I've assembled all config settings in one form that you fill in up-front so that when you submit the form the whole install is carried out, the server is restarted and you're ready to go. Note that this means you can now bookmark a URL that will install OpenACS (plus any application suite such as .LRN) with certain config settings.

The UI still needs some work. If I'm lucky Lars will come to the rescue...

Hey that sounds cool: 'save configuration as url'. So I wonder if you should blank out the admin password field before you pass it around to your friends :).

What would happen if it's already installed?
not sure I understand your question but I'll answer anyway. There is a check in the install script for whether the acs-kernel is already instantiated. Also, after installation and the server has been restarted you get a 404 if you request the install page.