Forum .LRN Q&A: 2 quick suggestions to improve translation server

Colostomy tool: If the English (US) Message has a trailing colon, then the translated should also. If not, not. A quick report tool per language would help identify simple oversight.

Whatever the list widget thingie is that lars just added on bug-tracker. A lot of messages are similar - if you could sort on the English (US) Message column, it would be easy to see all the messages that are similarly worded.

Posted by Alfred Werner on
sort suggestion most important on search results
Posted by Peter Marklund on
thanks for the feedback!

The colostomy tool sounds good. I'll keep that in mind.

I'm not sure what kind of sorting you are looking for. If I enter german locale and search for "add" I get the result list sorted by the en_US messages. Isn't that what you typically want?

Posted by Alfred Werner on

I agree that's the best behavior, but it doesn't do that for me. If I search for 'add' when I have locale English, target language Russian, I get 3 Add (s) at the top (add/add/Add), but much later there is acs-kernel.common_add which also has English key of Add but is not sorted in with the first three.

Ideally that would be sorted up with the others - all case insensitive on the sort, so add and Add would appear together.

You provided a salient example - researching this, I realized  I missed the acs-kernel.common_add copy of Add because I didn't see it.