Forum OpenACS Q&A: Call for help: remaining I18N work before the release

Since some of the UI of our applications have changed and we haven't been strict about always using the message catalog (which we should be going forward), there is a little bit residual I18N work left to do. What it's about it using a semi-automatic script in the APM I18N UI to walk though adp files and replace texts with message lookups.

Frank is already underway doing this work for acs-subsite and Dirk has been looking into acs-templating where I will help out as well. I just now walked through file-storage and found 10-15 new messages. Other packages that we should review before the release are forums, news, and possibly survey, calendar, and a few other packages.

Anybody who's interested in helping out should post here and contact me so that we can coordinate the work together.