Forum .LRN Q&A: Translation problem at


Got into trouble here when translating into Dutch. I translated dotlrn.class_instances_pretty_name with "cursus". It is used in this key:

"Join a %class_instances_pretty_name%", which I translated with "Deelnemen aan %class_instances_pretty_name%". I need "cursus" entirely in lowercase here.

However, at the top of the table we have dotlrn.class_name_header, which in English is two words "Class Name" and consists of two keys. However in Dutch it should become "Cursusnaam", one word.

I can achieve the single word by omitting spaces, but wether this is a solid approach can be questioned. I cannot get it capitalized because I already need it in lowercase at another place.

I think it is a solid approach because the two keys are nested.