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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

I had to survey developers and other involved parties to get an inventory of where things are.

2.0 is pretty much set (PhotoDB is the only thing I am not totally sure about... the portlet was written but nobody has used it).

Things labeled 2.1 are projects that already have momentum behind them, but are not yet ready for 2.0.

Anything that I labeled 2.x are projects that someone has mentioned wanting to do, but it is not clear *when* they will actually come into play.

All but the 2.0 objects are estimates Matthias. I am just trying to take the pulse of the community to inform (and help coordinate). As soon as we get 2.0 out we can start solidifying and modifying the roadmap.


P.S. I forgot important improvements that will be in 2.1: WebDAV and a needed overhaul of File-Storage UI (thanks to Musea and Sloan).