Forum OpenACS Development: Re: CR and content_template defined wrong

Posted by Jun Yamog on

I currently use content_template heavily.  Although I did notice what Lars say. :)  Although it does support versioning fine with no problem.  I think... no unit testing yet.  I do agree that it not correct that its not inheriting from content_revision.  But this call works.

<fullquery name="bcms::template::add_template.add_template">
            select content_revision__new(:title, :description, now(), 'text/html', null, :content, :template_id, null, now(), :creation_user_id, :creation_ip)

I agree with the above changes.  I will also test once its been change.  Since I think I really use content_templates far more that most.  I do suggest not to have content_template__new_revision since the generic content_revision__new works ok.

Hmmmm maybe that explains why select content_template__delete(:template_id) is needed.  And generic content_item__delete does not work.

BTW content_item__get_path(i.item_id, ir.item_id) has a real big problem.  Maybe pg only, still investigating.  That plsql make use of cursors.  Which when hit many times... pg goes sky rocket.  Anybody has this problem too?