Forum OpenACS Development: Re: HEAD problem with package repository installer

Posted by Lars Pind on

I just found and fixed a problem when upgrading packages. We tried to upgrade from the current package's version_id (object_id), not the version_name ("5.0d3"), which caused upgrade scripts to not be found at all.

But you're talking fresh install, right?

In order to troubleshoot this, I've added a debug log statement to install-3. Could you please try and get this, and turn on debugging (or just manually change it to Notice), and let me know what it says?

Also get any other upgrades, just in case.

Thanks for taking the time to help track it down.


Posted by Mark Aufflick on
ok - that yields:

[17/Oct/2003:01:09:36][24062.81926][-conn2-] Debug: Data model scripts: 
upgrade_from_version_name = 
ie. $data_model_files is blank ...

checking pagages/page/sql/postgresql shows the correct files have been copied over, so i guess the package path above is correct (the /home/agiweb/openacs-4/apm-workspace/install/ part is - but i have not intercepted the install script part way)

so it looks liek apm_install_packages is never getting the files to load... just about to turn on APMDebug...

Posted by Mark Aufflick on
ok - all fixed now.

thanks for your verifying help peter