Forum OpenACS Development: Re: TCL8.3 and TCLSOAP1.6.7

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Well Andrew, you are in luck.

First of all, TclSOAP probably works just fine in AOLserver 4.0, exactly the same way it works in tclsh, although I haven't tried it myself and don't remember whether others have reported success or not. Which version of AOLserver are you using? Try the latest pre-release Beata of 4.0 from SourceForge.

And coincidentally, the very same day you posted your question, Vinod announced his XML-RPC package for OpenACS.

Posted by Vinod Kurup on
Unfortunately, my package only does XML-RPC, not SOAP. I think the best option might be to try AOLserver 4 which would allow you to easily use TclSOAP.