Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS on Debian pros and cons...

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
We have Oracle support at work, I forget what level exactly - something basic. In our case, it was cheap, because we have very few users of the Oracle database in question. I have only made limited use of the Oracle support, but so far I've seen nothing where they ask you waht distribution of Linux your running. Has anyone else had Oracle support ask them this?

My guess is that Oracle probably will still give you support whether your Linux distribution is "certified" or not, but yes, they maintain their out to use "you're not running Red Hat Advanced Server" as an out if they can't figure out your problem our don't want to deal with you. Seriously though, Oracle ( anyway) mostly just works. If I remember correctly, our few support requests (TARs) to Oracle have been submitting the occasional (rare) mysterious Oracle trace file for them to tell us what the heck it means.

Oh and using Metalink - Metalink is actually very useful, for serious Oracle work you really need it to look through all the bug reports, etc. etc., even if you never open a TAR asking for help.