Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS on Debian pros and cons...

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I prefer Debian, for various reasons which I have not necessarily explained nor documented very well.

I just started using Red Hat (7.3) again more extensively, and it is ok too (although if not for yum and the rpm version of apt-get I would strongly consider ditching it yet again). But the currently playing out "consumer" vs. "enterprise" version splitting is indeed concerning. There was some excellent discussion about this Beowulf list in the last few months.

I may have some details wrong, but I think now if you do buy the "enterprise" Red Hat version, in order to get the support - which is the only reason to buy that version - you have to sign a license that says you will not ever install the expensive enterprise version on machines you haven't bought another license for, nor will you give to anyone else to do so, etc.

In practice, it is perfectly feasible to download all of Red Hat's source rpms for their enterprise version (which they make availabe for download as per the GPL; they do not make the binary packages available) and compile it yourself. But legally speaking, once you go down the path of buying the "Red Hat Advanced Server" license and signing that support contract, you lost that option.

I think.