Forum OpenACS Q&A: bug tracker

Posted by bill kellerman on
i have some feature questions about bug tracker.  i'm currently running oacs 4.6.3, but these are for 4x or 5x.

- is there a way to define different sets of components for different categories?  simplistic example:  software category has operating system, version and priority components -- hardware category has manufacturer, make and model components. is there a built-in way to do this without having to use a different instance of the tracker?

- what is a project?  when first mounted, you initialize the project.  is the only purpose to define the instance as bug or ticket version of tracker?  can there be more than one project?

- can a component be defined as a text field rather than a dropdown list?

- is there an easy way to move bugs between mounted instances of the tracker?

thanks for any help.