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Posted by Tilmann Singer on
There are different charsets involved, but the one recommended, 'official' charset to store the data in the database is in fact unicode. I guess that's a requirement since i18n has been added to openacs 5.0.

I think the possibility to store catalog files in another encoding than utf-8 is there because of text editor support - most editors don't let the user save a file in utf-8 yet.

Why there would be two different encodings for the same locale in CVS I don't know - maybe an oversight. Peter?

If you are using aolserver3.3ad13 then you can control the output charset of aolserver by setting these parameters in your config file:

ns_section "ns/parameters"
ns_param HackContentType 1
ns_param URLCharset iso-8859-1
ns_param OutputCharset iso-8859-1
ns_param HttpOpenCharset iso8859-1
ns_param DefaultCharset iso-8859-1

But this limits you to one charset for the whole site, hmm. I wonder what the recommended mechanism is to output in a user specific charset. Again -Peter? ;)