Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Top Ten Priorities for OpenACS ... what are yours?

Posted by Lars Pind on
I'm not sure if Joel intended for this to turn into a general wish-list thread. We have plenty of those already.

I'd really like to hear what people really, seriously think are top priorities, the most urgent ones. The things that would help the software mature and the community grow.

My personal list is very similar to Joels, but I've added some reasonings:

1) Release 5.0 (software only matters when you ship it)

2) Test 5.0 (we've found too many trivial bugs lately)

3) "One-click" install (people need an easy path to test the software

4) Automated testing  (improves quality)

5) Documentation improvements (distribute best-practices, improve quality, get more people contributing)

6) UI standards and improvements for applications (makes our software more usable and useful)

7) CMS UI (most sites start with CMS, and we're so close but no cigar)

8) Upgrade to 5.0 (many important new things, it's important that we get back to the trunk)

9) Fixed 3-month relase cycles (gets us in the habit of shipping, lets our users know what to expect, helps users not fork from releases)

10) Solving the metadata riddle (we have so many half-complete data dictionary/metadata-style things, we need to get one and get it working)