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Posted by Peter Marklund on
thanks for your posting!

The quick answer is that the idea is to send utf-8 from multilingual servers (this is what the translation server does). We set the charset in an HTTP header and Mozilla, IE, and Opera seem to understand this fine. We should probably set the charset in the HTML code as well (don't remember the syntax right now).

All locales that are not represented with ISO-8859-1 are exported to utf-8 catalog files. The finnish ISO-8859-15 catalog file should be removed, and I just did. For the record, here are the commands I used:

cd <packages_dir>
find -regex '.*catalog/.*\.xml' -maxdepth 3 -type f| grep -v 'ISO-8859-1.xml' | grep -v 'utf-8.xml' > /tmp/remove-files.txt
cat /tmp/remove-files.txt |xargs rm
cat /tmp/remove-files.txt |xargs cvs remove
cat /tmp/remove-files.txt |xargs cvs commit -m "removing obsolete catalog files"