Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How to trace xql query problems

Posted by Michael Hinds on
Haven't delved into the RP for a while, but as a your proc in a namespace? (if not, why not!). I usually include the namespace in the name. e.g. if your namespace is cronjob do:
<fullquery name="cronjob::cronjob_check.cronjob_sched_foreach">
Not sure why this would only affect Oracle though.
Posted by Tom Jackson on

Cronjob is in need of a major overhaul,(for one thing it should understand the unix crontab format) at that time, maybe namespacing the proc will happen. I'm just wondering how to trace this type of problem, maybe it isn't in cronjob at all, but Oracle doesn't seem to find the query, the actual error was that the query length was zero, or too large. I assume zero was the actual problem.