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Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
<blockquote> The problem is that if people edit the file, unless they have
their local editor local editor set to utf-8 it will mess up
the file if they insert any high bit characters. At a guess I
would say the majority of developers are running with their
charset in their editor as iso-8859-1 or iso-8859-15.

I know it happens that people editing the files mess up with the charset. I've seen it happening in many projects.

<blockquote> Maybe it would be better to store everything in utf-8 but
if we do, I expect we will end up with some messed up
catalog files at some point (although this is true no
matter what encoding we chose).

This can happen just like any other bug. People can make errors.

<blockquote> Eduardo, when you edit a file, is your editor in utf-8 or iso-8859-1?

Rigth now, most of my files are encoded in iso-8859-1 and that's my default charset, but I can edit utf-8 files with my default editor easily (gvim --cmd 'set encoding=utf-8')