Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Tclsoap - stuck on error

Posted by Andrew T on
.. do u think its a namespace issue? tclsoap works fine outside of oacs.. any clues what i can try and tinker with to get it to work?

I did this to get package require to work for me...

global tcl_version
global tcl_library
global tcl_platform
global auto_path
set tcl_pkgPath /usr/share
set tcl_library [file join $tcl_pkgPath tcl${tcl_version}]
set tcl_platform(platform) "unix"
set auto_path [list /usr/share/tcl8.3 /usr/lib]
source [file join $tcl_library init.tcl]

package require SOAP

PLUS I had to edit the init.tcl file and remove set errorCode "" and set errorInfo "" (or wrap them in an if !info exists etc)