Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Top Ten Priorities for OpenACS ... what are yours?

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I think my priorities are:
  • More duplicated functionality. We definitely need forums-lite-new and lite-forums-threaded to complement current packages
  • Longer function names (eg. I find ec_price_price_name_shipping_price_tax_shipping_tax_for_one_item nowhere near descriptive enough).
  • More deprecated procs, although said deprecated procs should be used pervasively in the toolkit.
  • Service contracts are too easy to debug. We need to add at least two more layers of abstraction there for them to be useful.
  • Our markup is too clean. We need more tables, we need much more hardcoded styling and more physical markup. html 2.0 transitional would be a good goal.
Posted by Andrei Popov on
I'll second the last one :)

Besides the obvious (ship/test/upgrade to 5.0) ones, I'd say documentation is *extremly* important.  All the plethora of vaorious how-to's that many people were posting here and there how each particular core module works/can be used/can be abused -- would be great to have it in a single place (a Knowledge Manager?).

Remembering ACS3 days, I'd say that it was a lot easier to jump the wagon back then -- even if things were a lot less elegant.  Now it is quite tough -- and there are no guarantees :)