Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Top Ten Priorities for OpenACS ... what are yours?

Posted by Roberto Mello on
I agree wholeheartedly with Don and Joel here.

About package maintainership perhaps what we need is to clearly define how to become a package maintainer, or cease to be one.

In the Debian project this is done through submitting bugs. When a Debian developer plans to package a piece of software s/he submits a bug called an ITP (Intent To Package).

When a developer wants to "orphan" a package s/he maintains that s/he no longer can/wants to maintain, s/he sends a "ITO" (Intent To Orphan) bug. When a developer wants to adopt an orphaned package, a (you guessed it) ITA (Intent To Adopt) bug is sent.

All the other developers see these actions. What we need are clear instructions on an easy-to-access place on how one can go about taking maintainership of a package and what that entails. Perhaps we could borrow some ideas from Debian in this regard.

That should probably go in the page.