Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Top Ten Priorities for OpenACS ... what are yours?

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
It's interesting to me that the post that started this thread says:

"UI improvements to bug tracker"

It's interesting because that's the reason I looked at the OpenACS site today in the first place. I was thinking about using access atributes in the href for adding new issues -- so you could alt-a to add a new issue or alt-shift-a to pop a new browser and add a new issue.

I wanted those options on the bug page and the bug-add page (so that users could save some keystrokes when they want to add more then one issue that relate to the same thing.)

My team just finished logging and resolving 380 issues in the ACS 3.2.5 ticket tracker, new-ticket. I like how the summary page could be sorted by Ticket type, Ticket assignment, Status, Creation Time, ID v, Project,  Status,  Severity,  Assigned,  Deadline,  Subject, (that little v lets you toggle between assending and decending order.)

The bug tracker in OpenACS 4.0 relates specifically to tracking bugs in software and releasing patches to fix them. I like how 3.2.5 ticket tracker doesn't relate specifically to software "bugs". It tracks "tickets", not "bugs". This gives it better range because, for instance, it can be used to track anything -- like your customer's requests or who your books are loaned too -- without being confusing to the people who use it for that.

So I guess I wish the OpenACS bug tracker had an easy way to change the verbage globally across the application -- instead of bugs an admin could call them "issues" or "tickets" or  or "service requests" or something else.

to stray from the topic a second...

eric -- the 4.6.3 bug tracker lets you choose between a "bug" or "ticket" version when first mounted.  ticket doesn't include the submit patch features.