Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Importing catalog messages

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Important: we only should include languages that are complete and/or someone is willing to stand behind (e.g. translation contacts for each language that are willing to stand up for a translation or at least make sure that suggestions for improvement are changed in the official translation). Having a whole bunch of "broken" translations installed by default and having no one around that can help fix them would not be a good thing.

I want acs-lang to have collaborative translation management infrastructure (didn't make it in this time around). It would be cool if users of acs-lang on distributed systems could suggest translation improvements by turning on the translation interface and clicking on a button which would then automatically submit a new translation and comment to a central system with built in translation workflow. Now that we have such solid translation infrastructure finding funding in the academic space to do this kind of thing should be easier (I hope). As we have more universities adopt .LRN maybe there will be translation departments that will help take this on.