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i've asked about your first point also.

the problems i arrived at are towards the bottom.

related --

I've asked exactly your point #2 (today in fact) about using file-storage to manage the filesystem.  i'm very interested in what you come up with, and am also willing to work on it.

Posted by Sean Harrison on

Thanks for the link to your previous message thread. I had missed that one. I especially enjoyed looking around the site that Dirk mentioned -- now I'm understanding why /o/objectid is a good capability -- so much faster than looking up all kinds of URLs, for dynamic pages like Clasohm's whats-new page (I really like that he's showing the item class in parens next to the URLs).

For awhile there I thought Clasholm had implemented another idea I've toyed with, which is dynamic hierarchies based on object categories. Basic idea: type If items exist in the database with that category and subcategory, they'll show up in a dynamically-generated list (probably with the /o/id syntax in the URLs, to be fast). If only one item is there, it'll come up itself.

I think the big problem with using the file system is, how to integrate with Content-Repository _and_ CVS, without making a big hairy mess? I guess that's what I'm going to be thinking about for awhile.

I've set up a project space for this file-manager thing -- just a simple edit-this-page affair: Anyone who registers can edit pages there. I would welcome your thoughts and interactions.

Thanks again,