Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Top Ten Priorities for OpenACS ... what are yours?

Posted by Jun Yamog on
This is getting OT.

Yes you can do a publish of content and make the content a adp file.  That way you can make use of ATS.  I do something similar.  CMS has its own way of merging the template and content.  What I do is publish template to the file system and make use of ad_return_template to the template like traditional way of getting the template.

Merging the template and content on publish also opens up the problem of updating the correct pages.  Not just one.  For example in my template I have a "Lastest Article" box.  If we publish the template + content.  Then each time I publish an article, I must also rewrite the files affected.  Which maybe like site wide, depends on where the "Lastest Article" box appears.  Move and delete also presents additional steps to sync db and file system.

Maybe we should start another thread?