Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Calendar (week instead of daily view)

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
This should definitely be a user setting, where the default can be set by the package instance admin.

In .LRN that translates to:
Course admin should be able to set the default view for the class and give members the option to change the view (or not).

This reminds me of another calendar issue: permissions UI. In some cases it makes sense to allow all class/club members to post to the calendar in others it doesn't. I thought this could be set in the .LRN UI, but I can not find a permissions interface when signed in as a calendar admin.

Posted by Oliver Emmler on
I agree with Carl but ...

I think there should be three types of portlets (Day, Week, Month-Summary) for the user. Admin or Prof may set the default.

The User should be able to add one or more of the above portlets to his/her portal.

So One User might want to see the day summary on the left side and the week summary on the right side.

Should be esier to produce a clone with different parameters for week and month.