Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Top Ten Priorities for OpenACS ... what are yours?

Posted by tammy m on
more newbie wishes...

  • OpenACS-in-a-box install
  • clear,concise,proven upgrade processes between oacs versions for production websites
  • equivalent of aD DevCamps for OACS newbies
  • CR + CMS
  • AOLServer 4.0
  • tcl library friendliness
  • ways to encourage newbie collaboration and involvement (mentoring, extreme-programming-like partnerships?)
Hi Tammy, let me make a few annotations to your requests:
  • OpenACS in-a-box install: Björn Kiesbye has been working on a Knoppix CD running OpenACS. This should be helpful for testing it out. I'm no utterly aware if it is easily possible to install this, but yes, why not.
  • Someone made .deb files for 3.2.5. Is there any chance, we could get them for OpenACS 5.0 / .LRN 2.0 / AOLserver 4? (Read: Would the one having done them be willing to make it again)
  • Upgrade processes are a big thing for the new release as a lot of sites have to deal with this problem. Always keep in mind though, that you won't be able to upgrade easily if you made custom ammendments.
  • aD Bootcamps: Azri ran one internally in India, a bunch of people are talking about having one run in Germany early next year. Once we are a little bit clearer, I'll make an announcement. I utterly agree with you there and it is on my agenda as part of the ongoing process to promote OpenACS to developers.
  • I use AOLserver4 without problems. I created yet another installation instruction (for OS X, that works 100% the same under Linux) which I'm not putting up on the web as of now, but will discuss with the maintainers of the official document to get my ammendments in there. It is using AOLserver 4 (out of CVS) and has no problems with tDOM (package require and such). Kudos to Vinod for the tip.
  • At Azri we have been thinking about asking senior developers for mentoring on pro-bono work for OpenACS. Basic idea would be to put a "more than worker bee" task up, find a newbie interested in doing it and guiding him/her on his task, check the CVS commit logs, be available for questions, stuff like that. For obvious reasons, it is not an easy thing to do, as most of the experienced developers are already swamped with client work.... And yes, the order could be changed (Newbie looks for senior developer for his idea on how to improve the toolkit).
Posted by Randy O'Meara on

There's another thread ( where I proposed the collection of AS4 installation notes. I think that's an appropriate place to post your docs for now. Would you mind?