Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Drafting the Core Team Governance Document

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
After reading the latest two posts, this idea came into my mind:

Initiating: My idea would be to use Wimpy Point or ETP for publishing a TIP. As we require (or should) a sponsor of a TIP, it would be fine to limit posting rights only to OCT members.

Opinion Seeking: The newly created TIP is posted in the TIP forum to open up discussion. It is highly recommended, that the initiator and sponsor of the TIP think about discussing a topic *first* on the normal forums before using the TIP one. This should solidify the opinions a little bit *before* makeing it a TIP

Clarifications: The proposer and the sponsor should collect all clarifications in a timely manner and put them up as comments to the original TIP.

Modifications: Modifications to the TIP may happen any time. The moment a TIP has been modified, all approvals or vetoes are nullified (for obvious reason) and the voting starts again (as does the period of one week).

Change of opinion: Any OCT member has the right to change his/her mind during the grace period of one week. The latest vote is the one that will be counted.

Though I agree with Tom, that it should be enough to have six approvals to approve a TIP, we should keep the one week grace period in any case, to allow others to look at the TIP as well and maybe come up with some hidden problems the approvers where not aware of at the time of approval. Furthermore, it prohibits the feeling that the group of OCT members is an exclusive bunch of people making decisions without listening to others opinions. And I don't think, any TIP is so urgent as not to be able to wait one week for implementation.