Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Adding Selenium Tests to OpenACS

Posted by Arbie Samong on
Has anybody tried to upload a file automatically from Selenium? It always returns a security error when the Selenium test is run from OpenACS as a package.

According to a Selenium forum, this is due to the javascript restriction being put in place. (

If one tries to run the same test in Selenium IDE it works fine. I already updated the core which was said to contain a fix for this, but I'm not sure if the fix will extend to the OpenACS package implementation.

Any similar experiences?

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
The selenium test package uses selenium core. If you have updated selenium core inside the selenium test package then it should work, that is if they really fixed the problem.

Upon checking the openqa site, it seems that they haven't

however, there is a link to a work around that unfortunately works on with firefox.