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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Great that you are stirring spirits around here.

You can use the .LRN/OpenACS test servers to get a feel for some of the packages. Content-editing features are NOT very prominent on these servers *right now*

.LRN is one of the first vertical (pre-packaged) applications built using the OpenACS toolkit (basically just a collection of different OpenACS packages polished for learning communities).

If you are not frightened off by some of our resident OpenACS ghouls you might want to look at Edit-This-Page after going through the installation graveyard (if you do decide to stick around make sure to collect some momentum as you prepare to pass through the yard... otherwise you might get stuck in the cob webs, or run into scary black cats, pumpkins, and bats). If you make it through you will realize that OpenACS allows you to do some powerfully good web magic.

Happy Halloween!