Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Some Feedback From an OpenACS Newbie

Posted by bill kellerman on
okay, so maybe i was hard on andrew.  sorry, andrew.  hey, i said i was a bitch and not representative of the rest of these guys.  your suggestions and opionions are appreciated -- your tact rubbed me the wrong way for whatever reason.

anyway, as far as the platform goes -- even though there are a lot of resources on why aolserver/tcl/postgresql were chosen, maybe they aren't as visible to someone just happening upon the site.

some of my "top ten" suggestions from that other thread had to do with fleshing out an introductory section for new users.  i've had to go through my own justifications of openacs with my bosses, and i'm sure there are plenty other prospective users with opinions of the platform similar to andrew's.