Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problems Loading Postgres Drivers

Posted by Rod Cap on
This are the lates error in the log....

Error: Ns_PgOpenDb(postgres):  Could not connect to localhost::beethoven:  could not connect to server: No such file or directory

Error: dbdrv: failed to open database 'postgres:localhost::beethoven'

Error: RDBMS type could not be determined for any pool.

Error: <p>The following database pools generated errors:

<ul><li>OpenACS could not allocate a handle from database pool "pool2".</ul><p>
Possible causes might include:<p>
    <li>The database is not running.
    <li>The database driver has not been correctly installed.
    <li>The datasource or database user/password are incorrect.
    <li>You didn't define any database pools.

That is the error it displays.
Maybe the drivers has not been correcly install???
I follow the steps above. I did it al root make ... and then make install.