Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Some Feedback From an OpenACS Newbie

Posted by bill kellerman on
"Dear Amazon,

I need to buy christmas presents, so I've been comparing online stores.  I have the following comments to make on your website.

Your images are a wierd color and are too big which increases the download size of my page.  You should remove some of your images.

I think users might be confused by the woman's boot above the 'Apparel' tab.  You should replace it with a man's cowboy boot.

I hate shopping over the web and think it is cumbersome.  A desktop java client application that interacts with your servers is a better solution.  When can I expect this to be ready?

I've heard your one-click shopping sometimes turns out to be two clicks and I find this unacceptable.  Does it require two clicks?  I'm not going to click twice.

Edward H. Customer"

so anyway... i think it is generally agreed that all feedback is welcome and some degree of care or tact is nice on all sides, right?

can i be so bold as to say this thread is probably reaching its limit of usefulness at the current direction?  i think andrew might help himself most by installing oacs for himself (if he has the resources available) to further compare systems, and provide any more feedback he may have.