Forum OpenACS Q&A: Job opening for OpenACS-savvy sysadmin/developer

There are currently three Sytem Support Engineer positions open at Greenpeace International, and one of these new hires will replace me as technical lead for Greenpeace Planet.

Note: Only individuals with papers to work in the European Union are being considered at this time!

Here is a description of skills that will be emphasized in recruiting for the one position:

- Familiarity with OpenACS is key
- Oracle expertise (especially database administration) is desirable
- Basic Unix administration skills
- Ability to coordinate the work of multiple developers, external and internal
- Ability to troubleshoot performance problems on a busy dynamic web system
- Maintenance programming – enhancements and bug fixes for existing system
- Ability to manage CVS repository and release cycles
- Ability to support users worldwide of a multi-lingual web system by responding to questions, documenting system, and making changes to the system as needed
- Ability to work in a challenging and fluid environment

New application development in the OpenACS framework is planned for next year, so there should be oppurtunity to get involved with the design and coding of new software.

I am leaving this position to go back to school and finish my degree. I think this is and can continue to be a rewarding job, working with a very dedicated group in a special organization – one that is taking on more and more ambitious IT projects. Like most NGO jobs, it can be quite demanding, but there's room for creativity and growth as well.

Posted by Don Baccus on
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