Forum OpenACS Development: Tcl > 8.4.14 and AOLserver compile on Debian/Ubuntu

I realized that I consistently (read: all servers with Debian and Ubuntu) get an error when i try to compile AOLserver (either version) against a TCL version greater than 8.4.14.

Before I delve too much into this topic, has anyone successfully (on Ubuntu / Debian) installed against a higher version of TCL than 8.4.14? If not I would ask this in the AOLserver list.


I have Aolserver 4.0r10 compiled against TCL 8.4.15 using Ubuntu Feisty (7.0.4). What i did:

1. look at this forum topic
about changes in nsd/unix.c and nsd/conn.c

2. compile aolserver with CPPFLAGS="-nostartfiles"

CPPFLAGS="-nostartfiles" ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/aolserver40r10 --with-tcl=/usr/local/lib

3. make && make install worked fine with this options

Hello Orzenil, the trick with "-nostartfiles" helped and did it. I will put this now in my install scripts.

TCL 8.5.0 still fails because of memory allocation issues (it seems) but this is against AOLserver 4.5 😊

Posted by Deds Castillo on

Are you compiling it on a x86_64 kernel?

I've tcl 8.4.15 with aolserver4 installed from the .deb packages. Why do you need compile aol?
Posted by russ m on
not directly related to building AOLserver, but fyi I've packaged tDOM 0.8.2 for Ubuntu gutsy so that the entire OpenACS stack can be kept package managed...

debs/diffs here, which should also work for Debian etch/lenny...

Posted by Dirk Gomez on
Russell, would you commit your changes to the OpenACS CVS repository? I'm still tinkering with building an OpenACS package ( however I am not too keen on working on the required packages like tdom or AOLserver.
Posted by Dave Bauer on

We can host the scripts to build the debian packages in CVS if you like. Email and we'll give you write access.

See the existing debian package work here

Thanks Russel.

Can you request that it be added to the next release of Ubuntu?

Feature freeze for the next release is Feb 14th.

Dirk and I chatted with the previous packager of tdom and he isn't planning on maintaining it any longer. Makes sense to have all the pieces for Ubuntu packaging in the apt repository. Not having it in the next release is one of the few things standing in the way of "apt-get install openacs"