Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New linux distribution to replace defunct RedHat consumer?

Re Gentoo,
I dumped RH a long time ago and have been using Gentoo ever since.
If anything it is a much better server distro than RH and the update system is more like BSD than anything else.
The only downside (for newbies) is it is a source based distro, i.e. all packages are compiled from source and you can't set up a system in 1 hour. The advantage is a highly optimized system
Gentoo is doing some cool things, and its best ideas are not surprisingly being adopted by Debian.

However, I'd just like to point out that the proposed "advantage" of Gentoo in getting a "highly optimized system" is more an urban legend than anything. A product of the subconscious of those who wait dozens of hours for a system to _install_ and want to believe it was worth the wait.

So far I haven't seen a single independent test that shows any  performance advantage to the source-compile-everything approach of Gentoo. To the contrary, independent tests have shown that it actually fares worse than Mandrake or Debian.


P.S.: I like Gentoo. Just trying to dispell a myth.