Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Res: Failures in package assessment

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Which version are you using?

i just checked assessment/lib/assesment* in cvs head and in dotlrn-2.3.1, both don't refer to anything with "crb" in it.

There is however a reference to crbForms.css from assessment-section-submit.adp:

%fgrep -R crb assessment
assessment/www/assessment-section-submit.adp:<property name="header_stuff"><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/resources/assessment/crbForms.css" media="all"></property>

But there is no crbForm.css in assessment/www/resources/ .
Looks, as this escaped some developer....

-gustaf neumann

Posted by Antonio Mejias on
Oh no, This failure is in another file. This failure is in '../assessment/lib/assessment.tcl'' but It's work ok now.

(I use develop version)

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
ah, it *was* in cvs HEAD, recently introduced during the new master-template rewrite. Found and fixed three more occurrences of the same bug in assessment. Thanks for noting this.


PS: Be aware, the CVS HEAD is a moving target.