Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New linux distribution to replace defunct RedHat consumer?

On the Beowulf list, Robert G. Brown (who definitely knows what he's talking about) reports that Fedora's stock configuration will use Yum (functionally equivalent to Debian's apt-get) extensively. This is a Good Thing, and should be better than up2date was anyway. As far as how Fedora goes overall, we'll have to wait and see.

Lee, picking one "blesses" OpenACS Linux distribution? That might be nice, but could we ever actually agree on one? I doubt it. :)

More practical might be to have a FAQ answer including some sort of survey results saying "Experienced OpenACS users typically use:" and then break down the results by OS distribution (Read Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.) I think that would give the new OpenACS user most of what he wants to know. We've already had several informal suveys of that sort from all the Forums threads on Linux distribution X vs. Y, after all...