Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New linux distribution to replace defunct RedHat consumer?

Fedora WILL have an up2date system. From the release notes of Fedora Core 1:

"The Red Hat Update Agent (up2date) now supports installing packages from apt and yum repositories as well as local directories. This includes dependency solving and obsoletes handling. Additional repositories can be configured in the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file."

In fact, there's a whole page walking you through the process of downloading updates (including using up2date):

I haven't tried Fedora, but we should at least try to give factual answers and avoid spreading FUD.

i think we should try to give factual answers too.

even moreso, i think redhat should give factual answers.

i don't know whether they have some poor tech support people who are very confused about the direction of their company, but information even from them seems to be misleading or just plain wrong.

so straightening out misunderstandings will be helpful.