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Posted by Felix Paco on
Hi all,

when I'm trying to install the package dotlrn-ecommerce I get the following error:

ERROR: doesn't exist restriction membership_rel_mem_ck.

Has anyone encountered with this error? Does anyone know how to solve it?

more details about the error:

psql:dotlrn-ecommerce-create.sql:99: ERROR: no existe la restricción «membership_rel_mem_ck»
CONTEXT: sentencia SQL: «SELECT acs_object_id_seq.nextval from dual»
PL/pgSQL function "acs_object__new" line 17 at select into variables
PL/pgSQL function "acs_object__new" line 10 at return
PL/pgSQL function "portal_datasource__new" line 14 at assignment
PL/pgSQL function "portal_datasource__new" line 7 at assignment
PL/pgSQL function "inline_0" line 4 at assignment
CONTEXT: sentencia SQL: «insert into portal_datasource_def_params (parameter_id, datasource_id, config_required_p, configured_p, key, value) values (acs_object_id_seq.nextval, $1 , $2 , $3 , $4 , $5 )»
PL/pgSQL function "portal_datasource__set_def_param" line 9 at SQL statement
sentencia SQL: «SELECT portal_datasource__set_def_param ( $1 , 't', 't', 'shadeable_p', 'f' )»
PL/pgSQL function "inline_0" line 12 at perform
psql:dotlrn-ecommerce-create.sql:128: dotlrn-eccmmerce-views-create.sql: No existe el fichero o el directorio

Thank you in advance.

Posted by Felix Paco on
I just commented the code line that generates the error and all works fine.