Forum OpenACS Q&A: new user doesnt set persistent cookie

Hi I am using Open ACS 4.6. When I log in as a new user I find that although the session variable is set, when open acs tries to set the persistent cookie it does so using the null value (\"\") for user_id.

I have looked at the code and from the community core procedures it seems that the user)id is returned via procedural function.

We are using Postgres 7.3.3, if thats any use.

By the way, when I log back in later through standard login there is absolute no problem and all cookies are set properly.

thanks for your help,


Posted by Jade Rubick on
I believe that bug has been fixed in 5.0, or maybe even 4.6.3. You can look at the code if you need to patch it in your own installation -- otherwise, I'd recommend upgrading when you get a chance.