Forum OpenACS Q&A: Link-List for OpenACS-Newbies ;)

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Hi everybody,
as a newbie I spent some time finding resources in the web as a starting point for OpenACS development and installation.
Here is what I gathered so far (unordered).

Best wishes,
Nima Mazloumi

  1. Documentation
  2. Forums & Community
      • OpenACS Q&A
      • OpenACS Development
      • OpenACS CMS Discussions
      • .LRN Q&A
      • OpenACS Improvement Proposals
    • ArsDigita/Redhat
      • web/db
      • ACS Core & CMS
      • ACS Java Novices
      • ACS Applications
      • ACS Design
      • ACS Workflow Package
      • ArsDigita Systems Journal
      • CMS Users Group
      • CVS for Web Development
      • Java
      • Knowledge library development
      • Oracle administration
      • Publishing System
  3. Articles and Presentations
  4. Participation as WorkerBee

Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi Nima,

Thanks for this overview. I hope you won't mind if I include this in my newbie initiative cheers


Posted by Ben Koot on
Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
HI Ben,

I am happy that the link list is useful for you.
Ben I looked at you site. You are using a chat package. Where can I get this chat from. There is a chat package at which uses java. Yours must be a different one right?