Forum OpenACS Q&A: Is anyone working on General Permissions?

Firstly, I just want to thank all of you ACS/pg developers for a sorely
needed port of an "open source" project to an "OPEN SOURCE" project!
Keep up the great work!

In looking through the ACS/pg 3.1.0b2 source, it appears to me that the
General Permissions module has not really been worked on. Is this
correct? If so, are there plans to implement this module or one like

I'm just starting to wrap my mind around the whole data model, so
forgive me if this is obvious... I'd like to be able to create bboards
that are visible only to certain groups. For example, I'd like a
heirarchy of groups (i.e., Public->Site Member->Group->Sub-Group->
Private) and corresponding bboards that are only visible (read/write)
to each group (as well as corresponding group-specific content, for
that matter). My current understanding of the data model points me to
General Permissions to accomplish this setup. Am I on the right track
or is there a different way to accomplish this configuration?

If GP is the only (or preferred) way, I'd be happy to start working on
it... :)

Posted by Ben Adida on
General Permissions, as far as I can tell, is ACS 3.2 stuff. We're feverishly working on merging everything, at which point you're more than welcome to attack general permissions! It's going to take a couple of days to finish this merge, though.