Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: RedHat and OpenACS - Wake Up Call

Posted by Deds Castillo on
I just did an upgrade of my home system from RH9.0 to Fedora Core 1.0.  Upgrade went on smoothly.  Only hitch I've encountered was the installation of NVIDIA drivers barfing because the kernel was built using an older version of gcc than the ones included in the distro.  Simple fix editing the Makefile.  Tux Racer hangs though. :) I'm assuming due to the gcc version issue.  Should be solved when I recompile a custom kernel and stop using the stock.  I've tested software and everything seems to be working fine including Oracle.  This was an upgrade though so I'm not sure if LD_ASSUME_KERNEL stuff if doing a fresh Oracle install still holds true without changes.


I've noticed on the announcement page that they are not including Postgres RPMS.  Will you continue packaging them for the Fedora Project?