Forum OpenACS Q&A: System and anon users not loaded on fresh ACS/PG install?

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Hello, the system and anon users are not in my install of the db. How
would this have happened? I removed pg 6.5 and installed 7beta3 today.
Loading the data model seemed to go well. Any thoughts?
They definitely should be in there. It's in the init_community_core() plpgsql proc in www/doc/sql/community-core.sql.
Can you send relevant error messages from the loading of the data model?
Here's the only error in my txt back up from loading the data model:

<p><code>[03/Apr/2000:11:01:52 -0400][2117.2120][-Scheduler-] Error: Ns_PgExec: result status: 7 message: ERROR:  stat failed on file '/usr/lib/pgsql/': No such file or directory</code>

<p>Should I just destroy the db and try again???

aha! There you go. Your shared library for PLPGSQL is not found. You need to look in www/doc/sql/postgres.sql and find the lines that create the plpgsql language, and make sure the paths are correct with respect to your Postgres installation.

Destroy the db, fix postgres.sql for your system, and try again.

Oh ok! Cool I think I fixed this already, because not only wasn't the system users in there, ns_db dml operations would fail. I fixed this by updating /etc/ and linking /usr/local/pgsql/lib from /usr/lib/pgsql, but I did all that *after* loading the data model.
Well, the sql load worked great this time - watched for the row inserts - except now I can't start postmaster...?

I get:

[nsadmin@sigma nsadmin]$ psql server1
Connection to database 'server1' failed.
FATAL 1: cannot create init file pg_internal.init

*Now* what went wrong? I was able to connect before when the libs were messed up! Remove pg and reinstall? Seems like this attempt has been scwewey from the begining... Wait for official 7?

Naw, it has nothing to do with official PG 7 vs. beta, since Ben, Roberto and I have gotten it up no sweat.

Sounds like PG's trying to create a file in a place it doesn't have permission to do so.  Check file permissions, etc.

File existed, wiping it out didn't help. So I ended up destroying the db and rebuilding it. Seems to be fine now. Not sure why that happened. Thanks for the help everyone.