Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Some Feedback From an OpenACS Newbie

Posted by Don Baccus on
We actually just exchanged e-mail, didn't IRC, otherwise the thread would've been re-opened before anyone had noticed.

You're right that IRC has been the home to arbitrary decision making by those who hang out there.  It is only a subset of the community who does so (and I'm not one who regulary does so).  I think folks are aware of this, and try to remember to move issues to the forums for wider discussion but you're right, it doesn't happen all the time and should.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Don, my armchair diagnosis wasn't directed at the OCT decision making process in this case. Actually I thought email or IRC would have been a good way to make quick decisions, when they are needed, thus not fitting in well with the formal TIP process. And I do believe this was the case here. Managing a website is difficult enough as it is.