Forum OpenACS Q&A: aolserver installation

Posted by Nathan Reeves on
Attemptint to install Aolserver 3.0 RC1 and having problems where I
start the nsd process and it fires up approx 4 processes but then
immediately drops all 4 and terminates.

Any ideas?


Posted by Jacques Williams on
It would be easier to help you if you provided more information. What platform have you installed it on? Take a look at the server log and let us know what error messages are appearing.
Posted by Brent Fulgham on
The four processes you see are multiple threads -- not really unique processes.

Usually the termination shortly after startup like this is caused by a permissions error (e.g., it can't write to the logfile you specified in your nsd.tcl, etc.).

Please check the logfile for details, or run nsd in the foreground (nsd -f) to see the errors as they happen.

Have fun!