Forum OpenACS Q&A: Can't get cvs from SourceForge

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Posted by Tom Jackson on

Okay, I've decided that I would rather have fewer things working if I can load ACS 3.2 now. But when I try to log into sourceforge as user anonymous with no password, I just get returned to my own command prompt:

zmbh:/tmp/acs$ cvs login (Logging in to CVS password: zmbh:/tmp/acs$

Any hints as to how I can download the most recent hack? If possible, I would like to lend a hand with this project, but I don't want to assume anything. What guidelines do I need to follow to actually contribute?

Posted by Krzysztof Kowalczyk on
I'm trying to be unassuming here but judging from your question you don't understand how cvs works. To download (or rather check-out your working copy of) the latest version of acs-pg execute after your login:
cvs co acs-pg
For the rest of the story read some cvs documentation (eg. ).
Posted by Tom Jackson on

Okay, Ill try this. On the ACS-PostgeSQL group page ( ) are the instructions that I was trying to follow:

This project's SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

cvs login
cvs -z3 co modulename

I only was able to execute the first instruction and it kicked me out. Ill start with the second.

Posted by Brent Fulgham on
Okay -- it looks like EVERYONE needs to review CVS.

You are not "getting kicked out" on the first command.  You have
successfully logged yourself into CVS.  You usually only get output
if it fails.

You should be able (once you enter the first command and are placed
back at the system prompt) to type the second command to import
the tree to your local machine.

Once you've done it for the first time it will seem like second
nature to you from then on.

Have fun :-)

Posted by Gregory McMullan on

I have two additional comments. One is an addition to Brent's response, and one is the result of some annoyances that I had with Sourceforge's stuff when I went from anonymous to developer access.

First, remember to use "acs-pg" in place of "modulename" in the command:

cvs -z3 co modulename

Second, when you get developer access to the CVS tree, you will need to remove the line with "" from your ~/.cvspass file, and resign yourself to typing your developer password with every action that you do. I submitted a bug report to sourceforge about this, got unhelpful responses from the sourceforge people, and had it closed with incorrect "solution" information, even after I posted the solution I got by finding someone else with the same problem.

Posted by Krzysztof Kowalczyk on
Another comment: when I posted my first answer I just verified that I can check-out module acs-pg but was a bit puzzled that it looked much like 2.3 version of ACS. Well, it's because it is. I just went to sourceforge and discovered the following: there are 3 different modules: acs, acs-pg, acs3-pg. At this time it looks like acs is the acs/oracle v2.3, acs-pg is acs for postgress based on 2.3 and acs3-pg is the current port of ACS for postgress based on 3.1.0/3.1.5/3.2.0.

You can browse the cvs archives of acs-pg on sourceforge using this link:
Posted by Lamar Owen on
RE: developer CVS access and no passwords.

It can be done -- I am now able to do cvs ops on SourceForge from both my home and from work.  You follow their directions, wait 12 hours or so, set your private key file for no passphrase (ssh-keygen -p), and it just simply works, for me at least.

The biggest issue is getting the public key to them in that little text box with no carriage returns in it.  Then, of course, you have to wait.

I am mirroring the cvs for acs3-pg and driver-2.3 nightly thanks to this.