Forum OpenACS Q&A: ACS/pg Installation Scripts

Posted by Brent Fulgham on
Greetings ACS/pg-ers!

I've put a tarball up at that contains
the various configuration scripts I've cobbled together for the Debian

They are still a bit buggy, but functional, and I was hoping someone
working to install the ACS might want to try their hand at using the

I've included some terse manpages, but the basic idea is:

aolsrvconfig -- This script is used to take a "vanilla" nsd.tcl from
the AOLserver distribution and fill it in with your system
information.  Once it finishes, you should be able to immediately
visit HTML pages served by the AOLserver.

It is used like this:

    aolsrvconfig --domain myServer

It will create a file called "myServer.tcl" which should be used to
start the server (e.g., nsd -t myServer.tcl).

aolpgconfig -- This script is used to configure and setup an nsd.tcl
(as generated by aolsrvconfig) for use with the PostgreSQL driver for
AOLserver.  It uses the aoladddb script....

It is used like this:

    aolpgconfig --domain myServer

aoladddb -- This script works with the PostgreSQL installation.  You
can use it to set up an aolserver user, and an intial database.  It's
also used by the acs setup script.

It is used like this:

    aoladddb --domain myServer --dbname [database name]

It can also be used like this:

    aoladddb --domain myServer --aoladmin [aol administrator]

to create the administrator as a postgres user.

acspgconfig -- This script works in two ways.  The primary way I use
it with debian is:

    acspgconfig --domain myServer --zipped

This looks for a zipped file of the ACS (in a directory coded into the
script), copies it to the pageroot (found in the nsd.tcl file) and
unzips it.  It also loads the geo-data and the data model.  Once this
finishes (if all goes well) you should be able to go directly to your
website as "http://localhost/register" and start using the ACS.

These scripts are probably full of Debianisms, but don't hold that
against me.  I'd like them to become useful for everyone.

Please give them a try.  They are almost certainly rife with bugs at
this point, but they shouldn't destroy your system.  At this point, I
have used them to install my ACS here on my local machine two or three
times, so I know they work.  However, I expect them to work the way I
wrote them, so I may be avoiding pitfalls and traps that the rest of
you test rats^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hfolks might turn up.

Thanks for your help.

Posted by Don Baccus on
I may have time to try these out in a week or so, it would be lovely if they also worked with RH...

Regardless, I'm sure I speak for all when I say that I really appreciate your spending time to get this together.  Even if it turns out to be more Debian-specific than you hope, the fact is that this bundling exercise actually puts us a step ahead of ACS/Oracle.

They don't have anything like it, period...for any platform, AFAIK.

So, your work strikes coolness notes to my ear!

Posted by Brent Fulgham on
Now that I'm spending a bit more time trying to configure ACS "proper"
(i.e., the playing with the various modules) I've noticed a few
more things that I should probably adjust.

However, these scripts are fairly useful as they stand -- but you
should expect to still have to edit a few things.  If you do, I'd
appreciate hearing what I've missed.

As for non-Debian users, you should be able to get away with
changing the directory paths defined at the top of each script.
My only fear is that a few debian-specific utilities might play
important roles.  If any Red Hat (or other OS) users run afoul of
this, let me know and I'll try to make them available as well.


Posted by Brent Fulgham on
I also see that while I started a thought by saying "acspgconfig works in two ways", I only listed one.

The other way is like this:

    acspgconfig --domain myServer

Under this regime, you need to have already untarred the ACS archive into the document root for the server.  acspgconfig will not move any files, but will move the ad.tcl --> myServer.tcl and make other necessary customizations.

Sorry for the omission.

Posted by Rich Graves on

  You don't have permission to access
  /~bfulgham/acs-pg_3.2.2beta3-1_i386.deb on this server.

I was looking for your cron.conf so I could port it to RedHat's peculiar way of doing things.

6: Found & fixed... (response to 1)
Posted by Rich Graves on
Thanks, got it from*, starting work on it now...