Forum OpenACS Q&A: Help with How-To get a RSS news feed into OpenACS based site.

I want to have a constantly updating news feed into my site I am constructing.

Should I be starting with the package rss-support by Andrew Grumet?

I cannot get my head aroundhow to lets say read an xml rss/rfd feed from and put it into lets say the openacs news package?

I have read the document which came with the rss-support package but really dont know what to do with it or if it is only a tool to make the stuff in my OpenACS available to others.

What you probably want is the news-aggregator package, or actually the modifications to news-aggregator that Simon Carstensen and I have been doing. (It hasn't been released yet because we haven't had time to do proper upgrade scripts.) news-aggregator has a scheduled job that will download RSS files, and frontend pages that will display them in an aggregated format similar to what Radio UserLand presents. You can see a demo at ("Lucmo" is our codename).

The news_aggregator::aggregator::items_sql proc returns the SQL that the main news aggregator page uses; it's often useful.

I've put a tarball of our package at . It may or may not work for you, but remember to delete your existing news-aggregator first; we've changed the data model dramatically.