Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to load-data-model errors

Posted by Roberto Mello on
"I found the problem. The current version of ACS/pg requires Postgresql 7.0; this was causing the problems. The documentation should probably be updated. "

The documentation needs update, yes, but the necessary updates that I know of, are really minor. The documentation was updated for beta 2 and here is what it says:

"This is the last ACS/pg release in which PG 6.5 will be supported. Our next releases will use the more advanced PG 7 features that are critical to ACS/pg (such as lztext which will allow bigger comments, static pages, etc.) Upgrading from PG
6.5 to PG 7 is not too hard although you'll need to pg_dump and restore your database plus an initdb. So consider yourself warned ! " (Section 5.1)

The following line is the one that needs update:

"edit the file load-data-model.sql. Comment the line i postgres65.sql if you are running PG 7 (comment with " --" not " #" )." (Section 5.4)

I didn't know, but the line mentioned above is now commented out, so you should uncomment if you are running PostgreSQL 6.5. I apologize for that.